All articles are available in the tree on the left, organized by category. Here are a few tips for a better orientation:

  • Smart 101 videos – new users can start here to view short videos for an overview about the main activities and tasks when working with Smart
  • Troubleshooting – the troubleshooting articles discuss common problems you may be facing, with step by step instructions on how to solve them
  • Setup – new users can continue here when they start working in Smart’s UI 
  • Ad calls and ad tags – these articles are mainly for (website) developers in charge of tagging or setting up server side integrations
  • Ad format specs – contains the specifications for ad formats with details on supported creative types, parameters to configure creative behavior etc.
  • API – technical documentation for developers setting up Smart’s Reporting API, Manage API (API for the UI) and Forecast API
  • Known Errors – articles about ongoing issues that Smart has confirmed and will fix soon, including workarounds, if available
  • Client Portal – provides help on how to use this client portal (creating support cases, using the Ideazone etc.)

Technical documentation  #

Smart provides a second documentation portal available here. This portal contains technical documentation for developers:

Latest publications #

This table contains the latest new articles published in the platform documentation (Known Error articles are not included in this list):