💡Relevant content

Try to stick, whenever possible, to current events.

💡Self testing

Once you have created the ad, put yourself in the position of the user and ask yourself if you would click on it.

💡AB testing

If the announcement is a great success, test various components and monitor any impact on performance.
In order to find out what your audience prefers, offer different variations of your advertising campaign will be optimized in real time by a combination change tracks / images based on performance.

💡Manage your communication period

Prefer a longer period (one month minimum) than a traditional display campaign. This will allow you to renew the emphasis of your content and optimize weekly period through AB testing in place.

💡Remember mobile!

Your advertising can be broadcast to all devices. Make sure your landing page is displayed correctly on mobile devices.

💡A beautiful image

A beautiful image helps attract more interest from your audience. The ads with an image not directly highlighting the product logo and prices are 25% more clicks

💡Tell your story

Do not put the name of the brand, the price or the image directly in the title, the Native preview is a wonderful space to start telling your story.


Use your headline put forward to ask a question you will attract more attention from internet users.


Stay interesting and sincere. Make sure your landing page is good and directly linked to the Native preview.