About Adyoulike

QWhy the name Adyoulike?

The name Adyoulike represents two essential concepts of business strategy. It connotes the concept "as you like" content adaptation branded editorial content, and the idea of "ad you like" respect the user experience with a non-intrusive advertising.

QWho are we?

Adyoulike is Europe's leading Native Advertising, technology trendsetter dedicated to spreading a branded content on premium publishers.

QWhat is our mission and our areas of activity?

Initially Adyoulike created the concept of advertising captchas where we replaced the demand by advertising slogans codes. Today Adyoulike has three business lines: We sell a technology, ie the seamless integration of campaigns in editorial content, sell advertising solutions to agencies and advertisers, and proposes the creation of content all within the part of Native Advertising.

About Native Advertising

QWhat is the Native Advertising and what are its key components?

Called "contextual advertising" The Native Advertising is a new form of advertising designed to perfectly integrate branded content in the digital environment of the user, different web banners on the margins of the editorial content and not site specific . Advertising format that fits both in form and in substance to the editorial, the Native Advertising is summarized in two concepts: performance and discretion as only 29% of users identify it as advertising content.

QWhat is the Native Advertising by Adyoulike?

Adyoulike proposes a new integrated advertising experience and content in a logical suggestion adapted to the editorial environment of the site ("the right SUGGEST happy for the right person").
This new form of communication by the content encourages users to engage with brands via any type of content (texts, videos, sponsored articles, graphics, etc. ..).

QWhat is the Native Advertising will bring me as an advertiser?

Adyoulike proposes a new type of digital communication with the content, it will allow the advertiser to distribute branded content from publishing sites. The technology developed by Adyoulike can control an editorial site as a display banner.

About the campaign

About the campaign preparation
QHow many creative avenues country can you launch at one time?

we can run as many tracks as you like but the goal is to optimize the campaign on track more creative works. Indeed, if there are too many creative avenues that can affect the campaign monitoring and optimization.

QWhat are the elements of tracking and graphics to provide to configure my campaign?

This evidence is present in the technical specifications of Adyoulike depending on the format you want to broadcast.

QThe landing page can be different depending on the device and creative track?

The landing page is customized and may differ depending on the creative and the device tracks. We can broadcast multiple landing pages for the same campaign given by mobile or on the site "responsive". Several landing pages can be broadcast to one campaign data.

About the broadcast of the campaign
QWhere is the place Adyoulike formats?

The Adyoulike formats appear at all levels of the site, home page, the category pages within articles and are usually at the top of the page.

QThe Adyoulike formats are compatible with all browsers and all devices?

Adyoulike formats are compatible with all browsers updated Internet Explorer (IE 9), Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as all devices (mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers, tablets).

QIs the creation of a campaign requires several kit created based broadcast sites?

Adyoulike technology allows using a single kit created (image + title + description) of your campaign to fit the graphic of each site.

QOn what sites my campaigns appear t they?

Adyoulike campaigns are distributed on sites related to the universe of the campaign. These sites are selected based on their audience to ensure the best performance for the campaign. This selection is based on socio-demographic criteria (gender, age, CSP) and thematic (finance, sports, celebrities, etc ...)

QCan I extend my campaign on other sites for its distribution?

We can broaden the scope of dissemination of the campaign if necessary to improve the performance of the campaign. Any modification of the diffusion framework will be subject to validation by the advertiser.

QWhat are the time-line of a campaign?

Upon receipt of all campaign elements (Kit created different track elements + tracking), we ensure on-line within 48 hours.

QCan I set broadcasting quotas on my campaign?

We can apply quotas following broadcast:
- Smoothing of the total volume distributed daily
- Capping the display over time
- Capping the number of clicks on a given period

QCan I geotag the dissemination of my campaign?

We can geotag your campaign via IP by country, region and the department.

About the Editors

About the terms
QHow long Adyoulike takes on average to create locations on a website?

Once validation locations (mention advertising, graphic design, position) and pages concerned Adyoulike guarantees integration of these within 72 hours. Each creation site is subject to the approval of the publisher via a dedicated demonstration.

QWhat is the Native Advertising will bring me as a publisher?

The Native Advertising creates a new source of monetizing your audience. The locations of Native Advertising are incremental and allow you to increase your advertising inventory without cannibalizing the existing.

QHow can I optimize my ad revenue with Adyoulike?

To maximize your e-cpm we prefer the most visible and located in the editorial workflow of the site locations.

About technical specifications
QWhat are the requirements for my site integrates the Economy?

A Your site must have a minimum of 50,000 views per month to integrate our advertising.

QAdyoulike technology is compatible with any type of ad server?

Adyoulike technology is compatible with all types of Adserver and tracking tools. However, we strongly recommend integrating Adyoulike script directly in the header of your site.

About Adyoulike technology
QAdvertisements Native Advertising does affect the display speed of my site?

Native Advertising campaigns do not affect the loading of the site on which it is broadcast as our size fits after the page loads.

QHow am I allowed ads on the same page of a site?

You can put on a page of a site location as you wish.

QHow to implement the technology in Adyoulike my site?

To implement technology Adyoulike just insert a simple script in the header of your site, thank you to contact us so that we convey you: contact support

QHow does the tag affects Adyoulike he display the page?

The Adyoulike Tag does not affect the display of the page insofar as our size fits into the page without deconstruct respecting the graphics of your site.

About your Adyoulike interface
QWhen do you compensate the publisher and what payment methods do you offer?

We will send you a call to billing when your commissions exceed € 200 and only offer bank transfers.

QHow can I track my earnings in real time?

We provide access to our platform to track your stats in real time and the evolution of your commissions.